Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Update

  1. Grandson J called me last night to tell me that mom said he could stay over friday and Saturday, I really didn't have plans so he came over. Come to find out his parents were going out of town for the weekend. But I got the better deal - the easy grandson came here, the 2 other, more active boys are at the other grandparents.
  2. I haven't heard from hubby in a week, and am starting to wonder.....more problems with the internet??? but he usually calls a couple times per week. If it were anything serious I am sure the company would have contacted me. He was hoping to be home by the end of next week.
  3. The morning we drove to Clintonville to watch grandson T's basket ball game-they lost both games and he was sluggish. After the game he said his 30 day contact lenses were bothering him. If his mom had known that in the morning she would have told him to toss them before playing, oh well.
grandson T is on the bottom row, far left, he doesn't like his picture taken

  1. On my way to the game I changed lanes and turned in a little too quickly. I was shocked to see the guy so close behind me, thankfully he did not lay on the horn or follow up with an obscene gesture. A couple of seconds later I saw the big  GOD LOVES YOU billboard, coincidence????
  2. As long as I was there I stopped at my sister's. We traded stuff: I gave her a shoe box full of handmade cards and some newspaper clippings, she gave me a microwave that works!
  3. Before we came home grandson J and I stopped for lunch at our usual place and I had the liver & onions I had been craving. Usually when hubby is out of town I will make some for myself.
Soon we'll settle in for a nice, quiet evening. Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. Please be more careful driving next time! There is so much road rage, you never know....
    Glad you got rid of ole Sparky and got a new microwave!

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend for you Linda. Nice you got the "quiet one". lol It was cold and windy today so that was probably a roughish ride to Clintonville. Glad you got a good microwave for the box of cards! xo Diana

  3. Glad you got your liver and onions fix. Sounds like a fun filled weekend for you. It is good that God loves us! And watches over us!