Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I really don't like asking people to do things FOR me. Monday afternoon/evening we had another snow storm, blowing and drifting..... I had to ask our neighbor to take care of the snow for me. I did go out before dinner to shovel a path so I wouldn't have to trudge through the snow to get to our unattached garage in the morning before work. By the time I went to bed there was 1" - 2" of fresh snow. I feel like I am an able-bodied adult and I should be able to take care of myself. But I really can't shovel that much snow and we have a big snowblower (that I don't know how to use/would be too big for me). I felt guilty as I was sitting in the living room listening to him walk back and forth with the snowblower. When I got up for work the next morning I noticed that he had shoveled the sidewalk to the back door and when I got home from work he had the bottom of the driveway cleaned up. Thanks Paul!

 Yesterday morning on my way to work the lake was solid white, here it is after the 2nd day of 'warm temperatures'.
The contrast of the teal water and white, snowy ice with the sun shining on it was just beautiful. 

  • We've had 2 days of above freezing temps, today it was in the mid 40's....the sunshine felt soooo good. One of our customers told me he had his sunroof open, families were out walking with strollers, and bicyclers pedaled on roadways. Tomorrow we are expecting freezing rain and snow....that's life in WI. I think I'm tired of winter, what do you think?
Here's my chuckle for the day: This morning I noticed  a pair of jeans in the garbage can at work, so all day I checked out the guys....but every single one of them had pants on.   hee hee hee

Happy Almost Weekend!

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  1. That is just a beautiful picture, Linda! Not looking forward to the freezing rain!