Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cards and Stuff

Earlier in the week I went to the Stamp-a-long to make some cute Stampin' up cards. 
Don't you just love this alligator one??? I do!
His mouth opens up to reveal a pink tongue.


The wood background is a big stamp, I think it looks great on this bluish paper and the tree stamp, although it's almost vintage, is soooo versatile, I love it!
 I made up this card myself, I did copy the design from one of the cards we made at the Stamp-a-long. One of the cards used a scalloped circle and there was more paper than we needed for it ......odd, very odd for Carolee to give us more paper than we needed....but I digress. I punched out partial circles from the leftovers and brought them home.
I had the matching coral washi tape and some black and white and pulled out some of my miscellaneous scraps and viola! here it is! Kind of springy me thinks. I wanted to put something more in the white spot in the middle, but liked the HI (previously cut from a die) overlapping the circle. I added black pearls on the scallops on one circle, it just adds the right something. ... I think.

I really didn't do much this week, my energy just wasn't there. I do know I am going to cook! I pulled some chicken breasts out of the freezer and will made something good this weekend. I want REAL food. 

One night I attended a genealogy meeting with a good friend of mine. It was informative, but my ancestry is not in this county...unfortunately, although if I visit that library I can get on free of charge. I can see where I'd enjoy doing this, I like researching things. Some one has published a book on my dads side, but I could possibly find out more details about him and his parents. I can research my mom's side, and that will be easier because my daughter has some of that done already. ...just what I need - another hobby.

I haven't heard from hubby for a couple of days. The last time I heard from him he said they were fooling around with the internet and it was slower than ever, so I just wait around. I really don't mind being home alone, there's barely a day that I don't leave the house anyway.

I did see the dermatologist this week and he 'zapped' me twice, as usual. Good news, I don't have to see him for 6 months. It varies from 3 - 6 months, depending upon if he finds some skin cancer....I've been good of late :-)  So, as a reminder, to those of you who are boomers and grew up without sunscreen, please have skin checks by a professional.........any potential skin cancer won't be noticed by you!

Have a great weekend!!!! We are having a heat wave....temps are in the teens and the sun is shining. Woo Hoo!!!


  1. Your cards are lovely, Linda. Love the 'gator one-how cute is that! We have a full background on my Dad's side-back to the mid 1500's! My Mom's side has never been researched and I don't know if I want to do it. I suppose I should as I am the last one left in that family line now.

    I like having some time to myself when the hubs is gone...he used to travel quite a bit but not so much anymore. Have a great rest of the weekend- xo Diana

  2. Hi Linda, I read your bio and I have 9 grands also. Aren't they so much fun! Your cards are darling! Especially love that gater! I have a niece that use to sell Stampin Up. They have great stamps. I don't mind being home alone for a few days. You get a lot done. But it's not long till I miss hubby. I was just thinking that I should go be checked at my dermatologist. Thanks for the nudge! Now following you.

  3. I have never done either scrapbooking or stamping..but I definately am going to start scrapbooking..I have to just sit down and DO it!
    The cards I have received from folks that do the "stamping" are just beautiful. Your's are just lovely.

  4. I love your cards, especially your little gator card. Too cute!

    I'm sorry to hear you've needed dermatological "zapping," I've needed to get "zapped" a few times so I know it's not a fun experience. Keep up with your screenings, stay well!