Saturday, January 25, 2014

Will You Pick Up A Penny? and other random thoughts

I will, I'm strange like that. I'll bend over and pick it up. Today I picked up 11 cents....I am sure my bff thought I was nuts. oh well........... One day, while I was patronizing McDonalds' bathroom facilities, I found a lot of change in the parking lot right by my car. My big score!

It was blowing and snowy last night and there was a drift across our sidewalk to the front door so I called one of hubby's friends to clear the snow for me. The neighbor was out before 6 and did the front, I was hoping he'd turn the corner and do the driveway too...but no, I had to call Greg.
Our garage is not attached. I went out and shoveled to the garage and a portion of the deck. We clear a path on it because it doesn't get icy when it melts. I was almost, ALMOST sorry that I called Greg because there wasn't as much snow as I thought there would be in the driveway. The sidewalk on the side of the house did have some big drifts. We'll pay for the snow removal from hubby's expense account (for the trip).
My bff and I stopped at the big thrift store in town so I could look for a table today, they didn't have anything suitable. I did find a bulletin board for one of my grandsons though. I'd like to run to the St Vinnies in the next town on Monday to see what they have but I have a feeling most things will be shut down, it's suppose to be COLD all week....AGAIN.
What I'd really like is a specialized craft table like this:

I do have a book case I could use for one end, the other needs to be bare, it goes against the wall. I saw one ONCE at a thrift store or garage sale...but didn't need it then. Guess I'll just dream.

This afternoon I cleaned off my computer desk in the basement, it is BARE! I threw out a bunch of old papers and it felt good! 
While I was down there I was thinking of purging a lot of stamping stuff and just keeping scrapbooking items and how I want to set up the craft area. I have to get a notebook and write down every thing I plan to do upon my retirement!
Just the stuff that is in my head could take years.

Try to stay warm!!!


  1. Yep- I pick change up, too...even pennies. That old thing runs through my mind- see a penny pick it up-all the day you'll have good luck. lol

    What is the big thrift store there? Goodwill? I seldom get to Manitowoc but is there a St. Vinnie's there? Hope you find a desk that works! xo Diana

  2. Isn't that funny...I've been thinking of acquiring some stamping things to use with my scrapbooking. Much more snow there than here, brrrrr. I pick up pennies also...just do.

  3. Yes (and other change) When I was growing up, a penny was a lot of money!
    About your desk. You can get two 2-drawer file cabinets (probably at thrift store) and get either a used door, or have someone cut a piece of thick (3/4") plywood the size you want it. Place over the file cabinets and voila! That's what I use in my craft room.