Friday, January 24, 2014


Doesn't this look appetizing? 
This morning I opened the microwave to warm up my tea and saw this.....It some of the leftover casserole from dinner at my bff's the other day. Pretty awful looking, huh? 
I think I warmed it up for lunch yesterday while I was eating my salad and I forgot about it. 

Yesterday was one of my usual run around days.....I had a new battery put in the car. I knew it was weak but was hoping it would hold on for a bit. It didn't totally die on me, but my remote starter wouldn't start the car and I was suspicious that the weak battery was the cause. I didn't see a reason to wait until the car refused to start. Sure enough, since the new battery was installed the remote starter is working like a charm.
It's so darn cold that I really need it. Monday the high is predicted to be -8. Enough already!!!  We've had wind and blowing snow today and according to facebook the roads are slippery. 
Yesterday afternoon I stopped at the church about a block from my house to join a scrapbooking  event my good friend was hosting. I finished a couple more pages in my mom's book. Not many people showed up but I knew everyone and we had a nice afternoon. My friend and I were the last ones to leave. We packed up about 6 and decided to have dinner at a restaurant about a block away from the church in another direction.  We each had the cod and yummy chicken dumpling soup (my favorite). I had my friday fish fry a day early. 
Today I just stayed in all day.
I want to set up a table for my Silhouette so it's easily accessible and I don't have to rearrange my craft stuff every time I use it. I have a specific kind of table I am looking for and wanted to hit a couple of thrift stores to look for one, but my need to be alone won out and I didn't go anywhere, although I spoke to several friends on the phone. 
I tidied up the kitchen and bathrooms, organized some of my crafting stuff in the basement, and called the credit union and expressed my displeasure at the cost of the checks my hubby ordered. OUTRAGEOUS! I was told I can return the checks to them and get a full refund, so I will! I ordered new checks from Current. We don't use many checks. I always order mine online but hubby doesn't. He will from now on!
We've been emailing everyday. Right now they are still sequestered in the hotel, but I believe they'll go out to sea tomorrow and start working. I am not sure what kind of communication we'll have then.
Tomorrow I MIGHT check out the thrift stores or the cold might just keep me inside another day.

Try to stay warm!

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  1. I wish I could have stayed in all day but my granddaughter sang a solo at Friday mass this morning so out I went. She had people in tears. Just such a sweet innocence in that young voice singing Ancient Words.

    Sounds like you had a good day yesterday in spite of the cold. UGH. I am SOOO over winter! xo Diana