Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday / Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

It's still Thursday, 
And it's still January, and it's not below zero (smile), but that means snow (frown).
I'm not sure how much snow we got this afternoon, more than I wanted to shovel, so I called the neighbor and he came over with his snowblower. I had enough of shoveling just doing the walkway to the garage and driveway.
See my bunny trail?
He always comes by to leave tracks in the fresh snow right in front of the patio door.

He hopped around by the back door, it was locked.

 Playing tag in the back yard? 

The bunny trail from my back door to the patio door. I'm wondering what the point is. 

What I am really thinking about today is work, or the fact that no one has been hired yet to replace Lisa. One of the owners told me that only one qualified person applied and she isn't available for a month. I'm wondering why? Pay too low? No one needs a job? Job is not appealing? An acquaintance of mine just hired a new office assistant and she said she had several good candidates to choose from, and her office is in a much smaller municipality than we are. I think a few prayers are in order. I really do hope they find someone who will be an asset to the business.

Today I went to the thrift store to look for a table for my crafting area in the basement. I found the perfect table, rectangle with square legs like a parsons table. It had a 'sold' sign on it. Darn! Guess that's what happens when I have to work and can't thrift. So I ventured to the other place in town and found a table there, what are the chances? So many times God puts what I am looking for in front of me. It was sturdy and heavy. Delivery was $10 and Linda (who runs the store) told me they could take the legs off  and it would fit in the backseat of my car, it did. Two guys carried it out for me.

When I arrived home I was on my own..........this is gonna be fun.....Did  I mention the fact that it's a heavy table? I finagled it out of the backseat (after putting a rug down so when it dropped on the driveway  I would't break the corner off. Once I got a good grip on the table top I got it inside without incident. The basement steps are carpeted so I decided to slide it downstairs.....and I did...but quite a bit faster than I had in mind. Gravity pulled the 2 halves of it apart (it has a leaf). I got it back together, screwed the legs back on, and had to sit inside the upside down table and kick the opposite end  apart so I could put the leaf in. Why didn't I think of that when it was apart? THEN I had to stand it up........thank God I have long arms and my mom's mantra "If there's a will, there's way."  I suppose I could have waited a couple of days to see if I could find someone to help me....but I don't have any patience and I was anxious to get things set up.

I spent all afternoon rearranging my tables in the basement and doing a little purging. I have a lot more to go through. If I was going to be home tomorrow I'd be downstairs organizing. Actually I like to get things organized, although you'd never know it if you stopped over now.

Hubby called and left a voice mail yesterday while I was at work. It amazes me that they have Wifi and can use cell phones while on a boat at sea. Just a couple of years ago he couldn't do that. He said it's hot there and they are behind schedule. It's so nice to hear him say "I love you." when he calls. 

Guess I've babbled on long enough, so let's all get up off our chairs and do a "February thaw" dance!!!


  1. Seems you and K get along better when he is gone away! Glad you found a table! Now, to paint everything white!

  2. Cute bunny story! Glad you found a table.