Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks For The Wake Up Call

at 4AM, unfortunately I was already awake, and I am sure I'll regret getting up this early later today while I am at work. It was someone (from work) returning Kevin's call. 
He was outside early removing snow from last night's storm.
A big storm was predicted for yesterday, we got some snow in the morning.....and that was it. Seems like the 'big lake' saved us during the day. I went home after work and made plans to pick up 2 friends for book club. About 3/4 hour before I was going to leave the wind picked up and the snow arrived, so we cancelled. 
Hubby was up early this morning with the snow blower (he has to be at work at 4:30 or is it 4AM?) and that's what woke me up.
I don't know how much snow we got but do know that it wasn't as much as some other parts of the state. There aren't any cancellations here this morning so I guess the plows are getting the job done.

He's leaving this weekend for Nigeria (for work) and will be gone at least 4 weeks. Woe is me....there'll be more snow to get rid of. He has asked a friend of his to take care of it, but Greg lives 10 miles away and has to work too. I think I will ask our next door, retired, neighbor if he'd do it for me. If he's outside before Kevin is he usually does the sidewalk. 

About 10 days ago our front door handle decided to lock itself.....and no one knows what happened to the key (very odd for me to not know). There was no getting the door open. We live on a corner, so in able to get the mail we had to walk around the whole house on the sidewalk.....and it's really a cold walk when it's below zero. Monday hubby finally decided to remedy that situation and cut the latch out. Both doors need work, but not at this time of the year. 

To be honest I probably won't miss hubby much the first week..... our grandson usually spends weekends here, I have plans on my days off with a friends, and work. Hubby usually spends his time upstairs with his sports cards and TV and doesn't say much. I can eat what and when I want, there won't be as much laundry, but it will get really quiet after a while. MAYBE, MAYBE I'll tackle an easy project around here. I am not sure how much communication we'll have because he'll be on a boat. 

I'm ready to go back to bed now....but instead I have to get ready for work. 
No news there yet, I haven't heard a thing from either of my bosses about hiring a replacement for Lisa. They better find someone soon! I need some vacation in February and in April.

If you are a fellow Wisconsinite - keep shoveling............-(
Don't you just wanna go someplace warm and sunny???


  1. Welcome to the world of 4am! Yes, I am ready to go somewhere warm where they just look at pictures of snow!

  2. I want to go to Florida. We got all that snow that missed you!!!! My hubby used to travel a bit for work and I really liked having the house to myself sometimes. It was so easy to just not have to DO all the time.

    Hope you have a good week at work and that they hire someone soon. If they don't that is NOT YOUR PROBLEM...and you might have to remember that down the road. xo Diana