Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tiny File Folders

I found a box of these tiny file folders at our new thrift store and knew they'd be good for something............. For starters...

.....from 'plain Jane' to 'all gussied up' and ready to be made into a book.

I used some stencils and sprayed on inks in a random way. After I used the stencil I flipped it over and laid it on a different side of the paper (not wasting any ink that way-I can not take credit for that- I saw it on YouTube).

Here are 2 of the soon to be pages; the one on top is some unusual paper from some sort of packaging (that I also sprayed), the lower paper is for some sort of stitching craft (so I MIGHT just do a little stitching or not). Two other pages I am making from a brown paper bag (the kind you get when you purchase a card).
And that is as far as I got this week, I hope to post a couple of finished pages and the front. I am not sure how I am binding it. Wish me luck! and creativity too!!!

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