Friday, March 2, 2012

the Descendants/book review & some other things

I am not a big movie goer so I didn't even know that this was a movie, much less that it was nominated for an Oscar, when I someone else mentioned reading it. Maybe I will see it....I've read the book and that is the order in which I like to proceed. I borrowed the book from Overdrive (since I am too frugal to purchase books for my ereader). I have a lot of free books downloaded.
The story starts with the husband and his 10 year old daughter in the hospital room where the wife is in a coma. She's a young and very energetic woman who was hurt in a boat racing accident. The father learns to deal with his 2 daughters (one of whom he has not been close to) and the young man friend of the older daughter after they took her off of life support systems. He also finds out that his wife was having an affair and he tries to figure out how to handle that situation. They are Hawaiian and at this time he's trying to determine whom to sell some land to. It's a lot for him to think about. I like it and am glad I read it.

After our book club meeting I saw a facebook post about a book dealing with Alzheimer's that anyone interested in that disease might want to read:
Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure? by Mary T Newport

Though Dr. Mary T. Newport has provided professional care to newborns since 1983, she's led a double life since 2000 when she became a caregiver at home. That's when her beloved husband, Steve, first showed signs of Alzheimer's disease. After his deterioration accelerated in 2004, Dr. Newport began avidly researching ways to keep him functional for as long as possible. Since she understands medical terminology and scientific methods, she was thrilled to find new research showing that medium- chain fatty acids, which act like an alternative fuel in the insulin-deficient Alzheimer's brain, can sometimes reverse or at least stabilize the disease. When she gave Steve about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (a source of these fats) at breakfast before a memory test that he had previously failed, Steve miraculously passed the test. Since then, Steve continues to maintain improvement while taking daily doses of coconut oil and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil with meals.

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