Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Week's Steals n' Deals

No, I didn't steal anything this week, nor do I plan to. Some the bargains I brought home seemed like a steal though. Yes, I do hit the thrift shops too often, but I don't always buy something and I am getting better at not buying things for other people. Although I have to keep my eyes open for little gifts for the grands: whether it is for the upcoming Easter egg hunt, a little something to pop in the mail, a prize for a treasure hunt or my 'prize box', etc. Every now and then I have a bag of goodies to drop off for a donation. I am happy because I have been able to sell a few baby items we didn't need anymore, I made a few $ and those things are not taking up space in my house anymore.
I try to read the Walgreen's ad for bargains and this week they had toothpaste for $3 with a $3 off coupon on your next it's really free??? As I was wandering around and perusing the clearance shelves I found.....the hair color I use. Of course I had to buy all they had, all 3 boxes. That's good news and bad....I got a great deal, but that also means they are not carrying that color or it is being discontinued. I really have a difficult time finding the right color, this is the second time I will be experimenting with color. The next day I stopped at Walgreen's in the city where I work and purchased some more toothpaste, clearance gum (for the egg hunt), and 3 more boxes of hair color
At the thrift store I was looking for some boys water shoes.....Viola! I found a pair in size 4, but shoe is a 5 and one a 4. Hmmmm????? Aha! on the opposite side of the rack I find the matching pair....Oh no! Both of those are size 5. What do do? The 5's are too big so I just move on. On a different rack I find some brand new water shoes, and both are the same size. :-) I got those, a small scissors, and one other thing for $1.68. I'm on a roll so stop at the other thrift store in town and find: an Easter basket, new package of 6 erasers (for the Easter egg hunt), and 2 unmounted stamps or also about $1.00. I can't complain about that!

More good news! I took my computer in on Tuesday and Josh found a boot sector virus. He cleaned it up, removed Ad-Aware (not as good as it once was), and added a new, better, free anti-virus program. My laptop is up and running!!! Yay for me!


  1. Sounds like you found some good deals. I know I should shop ads more to find those deals, but I haven't done so yet.
    I haven't gotten up the courage to color my own hair, besides my hairdresser would probably disown me!

  2. Yeah for getting the 'puter back. Sounds like you really lucked out with the water shoes.