Monday, March 5, 2012

I've Wasted the Day So Far.... I might as well continue and blog away with some nonsense. The weekend started out OK. Saturday was pretty normal, fooled around on the computer, did some laundry, spent time with my grandson and a friend,etc. But, for some strange reason, my laptop introduced me to the blue screen of death. Thank goodness I have a desktop on which to 'google' stuff.
On Sunday afternoon, after grandson J went home and after a lot of fiddling around, I got it up and running again. Earlier I had been asked if I could babysit and I am so proud that I was able to say 'no'. I had plans and contrary to what some people think, I DO have a life. Sunday night I watched DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, one of my vices. I don't want it to end........that is really the only program I love.
This morning I decided to run Ad-Aware on the laptop and get it cleaned up. I have used that program previously and was reminded to use it again (as I was searching for a fix for the BSOD). I let it run while I ran errands: picked up a few small items at the thrift store and I finally remembered to stop at the jewelry store. While I was waiting (it sure was busy for a Monday morning) I found these original earrings by Viva Beads.

They are handmade clay beads. The green is more of a lime green, which I wear often. They'll go with a lot of things...........and were 30% off. yay!!!! I had 3 reasons to stop at the jewelry store: the main reason being I needed to have a gold band (mom's wedding ring) cut off.....

It was about time, don't ya think? No, it did not hurt....the cutting off or the tight fit. I also needed batteries put into a watch and to have my wedding ring cleaned and checked. The store were I use to go and where it was purchased has closed, so I am happy to have found a reputable place in town.
When I got back home my computer was still scanning....and when it finished I rebooted like it said to I can not get online. I 'googled' the error message and tried the fixes but I am sick and tired of fooling around so, hopefully, tomorrow I can take it in and have someone look at it. Right now all I can do it play solitaire on it................that's kinda an expensive (and big) deck of cards I'd say. The only plus of it not working is that I am not online as much because my desktop is in the basement and my laptop sits on my kitchen table and I check it a million (almost) times a day. Alright, that decision has been made.....on to bigger and better things.....Geez....I forgot to stop at the library and grocery off I go after lunch. I picked up my book for book club, picked up my sparkly, clean wedding ring, and bought some groceries. And that is where I am right now. I think I'll make hubby a semi-decent supper and fold laundry. sounds like fun, eh?

And that was MY wasted Monday..............hope yours was better!


  1. My wedding ring would leave an imprint in my finger like the one you've shown. That's a bummer about your laptop. Hope it can be fixed.

  2. Danny said if you reinstalled that you would need the Windows (?) installed as well. He doesn't know if he could use his or not, but check with him.
    Love the earrings!

  3. Really pretty earrings.
    Sorry you are having computer problems. They can be wonderful or the biggest pain ever!