Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Never Thought.....

You know how life throws you a curve every now and then, to some more often than to others?....'IT' has a way of doing that you know.... I'm not exactly sure what I had in mind for my future when I graduated from high school, but I am pretty darn sure it isn't the life I have now. One has to roll with the punches, take the good with the bad, etc.
I never thought:
* that on the 2nd day of spring I'd be walking around outside barefoot in WI
* that on that same day I'd be sitting on my deck in jeans and a t-shirt reading and looking at (almost) green grass while birds provide the background music
* that be at the mall to eat and not even step one foot into a single store
* that I'd say I think I've been going out to eat too much
* that my small hometown in central WI would experience an earthquake and make the national news

It doesn't matter what my plans are for my days off, it usually never happens, I am finally adjusting to that. The past month has been busy with social engagements with friends (and I still need to make a coffee date with one gal). Don't get me wrong....I LOVE lunching with friends!'s just surprising to me. Hubby doesn't like to go out and if he does it's the same ol' place so with my friends I get to eat Chinese, Mexican, seafood, etc. And he doesn't talk either so I get to eat good food and enjoy good conversation :-) Yesterday I had brunch with friends, dropped of some things at a consignment shop and picked up some cash, and then stopped at a couple of thrift stores. After I got home I cleaned out some kids games to take to another consignment shop and then I went through my earrings (b/c I couldn't find the pair I wanted) and found a bunch that went into my donation bag. That's not exactly what I had planned for the day but I feel like I got something done. I'm the type of person that feels like I have to accomplish something every that bad? I'm a 'piler' so am forever putting stuff away....why can't I do it right away??? What should I do today? Scrubbing the kitchen floor (as planned) is out b/c it is rainy. There's plenty.........I'll find something.
Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I know that need to feel like I've accomplished something...and I have lists to prove it.