Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stranger Things Have Happened

......but it has been a while. My house needs a good picking up so I should have stayed home today, but I didn't. I wanted to cash a check and mail a card to my youngest granddaughter (who broke her wrist on Sunday.) Of course I had to stop at the small thrift store, where I found these nearly new, very comfortable Adidas sandals that are a little too big so they will go to my sister. I also picked up a top for work and a new Taste of Home magazine, all for......drum roll......a little over $3.

While I was there a woman (a little older than me) brought her father in, he has the start of Alzheimer's and recently moved into assisted living (where he is not happy). Ambrose was one of the founders of our local St Vincent de Paul store. His daughter thought it might do him good to see some old friends. I only know him from seeing him at the store and just saying "HI", etc. I saw his sister at the grocery store the other day and we had a nice visit and she told me about the situation. They are quite a bit older but just some nice, friendly people whom I use to see often. Anyway I knew the story and heard some of the conversation......... While Ambrose was visiting I walked over to his daughter and said I am afraid we will be facing something similar with my mother one day. I asked if she had siblings to help and such. She was very open with me and made a couple of tears fall down my cheek. She was valiantly trying to hold back tears too. Before I left her I gave her a hug and it was well received. I have NEVER hugged a stranger like that before. I think I am more aware of Alzheimer's since I read Still Alice.
When I got outside I saw a limo in the parking lot! That's not something one sees often. I think someone had it for their personal use because it had a handicap license plate. That reminds me that our senior center is taking a thrifting bus trip and I need to check into it and pencil it in on my calender.
Yesterday I used my gift certificates to get my first pedicure......nice...... I like the turquoise nail polish. When I got home I found a bag on my door with info about New Orleans (for my upcoming trip this fall). On the table I found a box from Deb @ garagesalegal full of lots of goodies: notepad & pen; the cutest purse size butterfly tissues; a bag of stamps, buttons & doodads for cards; some candy :-); a pretty little Avon bottle; beautiful tulip hankie; Mary Engelbreit book of spring crafts; some really pretty clothes pins that would be perfect for holding notes. Thanks Deb! It was fun to check out all my new treasures.
Well...........I guess I really have to do the dishes, fold some laundry, and a whole lot of other household chores. Thanks for visiting me!


  1. Glad the goodies arrived and I ope you like the Nut Goodie.

  2. Yeah for you for giving that stranger the hug she needed! And Taste of Home magazines are great thngs to jump start my creative juices in the kitchen.

  3. So glad you gave a hug....I know you're not a hugger like that, so it means twice as much!