Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a Couple of Things

There really isn't anything big or exciting to post about today so I am going to ramble on.....I am pretty darn good at that. I've been seeing lots of different colors of nail polish on various bloggers and have tried a few that I like (lavender, for one) and some that I don't (I passed those on to my 11 year old granddaughter). On my fingernails I usually stick to a pinkish or sheer color. I like to experiment on my toes though. The other day I was in the dollar store and found this gunmetal gray and I thought 'for $1 I can try it'. I do like it, it is darker on my toes than shown here because I tried it over a pink that I was wearing. I prefer the darker.

It's Monday and I have my usual errands to run. I dropped a few things off at the consignment store and picked up a little over $1 (sad, I know). Fortunately, for the store owner, I found a scarf that I liked. The green is lime and brighter than it looks here. I like purple and lime or olive together.
Random thoughts:
***I keep my computer passwords written down in an address book. They are easy to find when written alphabetically. I don't have the same password for everything, change passwords sometimes, and can not remember them all (especially ones I don't use very often). The address book I use was free from work.
***I have an old 9" X 4" address book that I use for my to do lists.....(if I don't write it down I am likely to forget something). It's lined and has spaces for NAME, ADDRESS, & TELEPHONE.....kinda out of date but perfect for lists.
***I also keep an old, purse size, weekly calender in the backseat of the car for my grand kids to write never knows when they will want to scribble down a note or play tic tac toe. Another free item from the workplace.
Does anyone have any other suggestions? I hate to waste/throw things away.

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  1. I like gunmetal grey. Try it on your nails...although you might look better with warmer colors.