Monday, January 24, 2011

My day

Maybe I should practice what I preach??? Last night I watched a couple of Dr Phil shows about living w/in your means. On one program he had on the Economedies aka "America's Cheapest Family. There were a couple more couple just tried to outdo the other........the unopened toys their 9 year old had, the purses )with tags on) in her closet.... Coach, etc. It was unbelievable! If I pay $30 for a purse on clearance I think really hard about it and have to love it! I thought it was interesting. I do like to bargain shop, hit the clearance racks and thrift stores...but could never do what they do. I am cutting coupons again and watching the sales. If I had a baby I'd buy some diapers at Wal-greens and use the coupon that was in the paper...but no need to. :-) I decided to do my shopping at Walmart, a rare occurrence and I guess I didn't do too good........I saved $2 with my coupons. I also stopped at the thrift store (remember I had to drop off my donation bag) and I got a cute quilted purse, a nice pair of Old Navy jeans for my grandson, dress pants for hubby, white t-shirt for grandson, and a small quilted ID case (I had been eyeing up a Vera Bradly one...for MUCH more).....all for about $5.

As I mentioned earlier President Obama is stopping here on Wednesday. Hubby came home and said the Secret Service talked to him today. The president is visiting a business next to hubby's. K is the company's contact. He is usually the one chosen (from the employees on the floor) to represent the company. The area between the 2 buildings must be secure and no one is even allowed to look out of the windows at the time of the presidents visit. Interesting, huh?

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