Monday, January 3, 2011

After Christmas shopping ....gone wrong!

very wrong!!!!
I haven't done much after Chrsitmas shopping, not even at Target when I drove through Green Bay on New Year's Eve, so today (when the sales are 75% or more) I decided to see what was left. I dropped a bag of stuff off at the thrift store (got one outfit for the baby) and then went to WalMart. I picked up a few things for next Christmas and a couple of shirts for grand kids. Thank goodness I wasn't in a shopping mood........Hubby said the checkbook is not balanced so I used the credit card...............and it was denied....twice. YIKES!!!! I knew I used it all of December and we got a new washer & dryer but I didn't think we were anywhere near our limit. I had gift card in my wallet (thanks J) and used that :-(.....drat!!! I wanted to buy myself something. I mentioned it to hubby when I got home and he called the credit card company. Come to find out someone else was also doing after holiday shopping in New Jersey and swiped (yes, swiped) their card and it came up with our info. They obviously needed more than I did b/c they spent over $600. So our credit card company froze our account b/c that was out of our usual area (WI). I guess they sent an my old email address. Hubby has corrected his email address and the charge was reversed. I guess you have 30 days to report a misuse of your card. To be on the safe side I'd check much more often!!! Let that be a warning, we were lucky! very lucky!

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  1. That is scary. Glad you got it taken care of!