Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday adventures

I stopped off at the thrift store on my way to the a couple of pairs of big deal. Then I was off to the dermatologist where he zapped me a half dozen times with liquid nitrogen. It only stings for a few seconds...but it stings. I joked with him that he was having a bad day and taking it out on me. When I got home I got the bathrooms clean. YAY!!! I texted step son several times from my computer....we talk more that way than any other sometimes. Next I colored my hair, it is red now. I've saw one blogger who colored her hair red and her eyebrows too. One person commented that true redheads (like me) do not have red eyebrows....nope, mine are blond, blond, blond. And I leave them alone, I do add color when I do makeup. For supper I'm cooking chicken breast and chicken corn chowder. I HOPE Hubby eats the chicken breast, but it was marinated so ????? I sampled the chowder and it is good! I love soup in the winter. A BIG snow storm is predicted for tomorrow evening.........will we have our Red Hat meeting??? Time will tell.

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