Monday, January 24, 2011

I just can't do it.....

Get off my soapbox, that is...............How can a mom loose snow pants???? Last year she lost 2 pair (kids are 5 & 6). And just last week another pair was lost, granted the kids need to keep track of their own clothing...but doesn't mom check their backpacks every day? I know other mom's who do. Fortunately I had an extra pair for the kid....none here now tho.

Other news:
the Green Bay Packers won the NFC championship and are going to the Super Bowl. NO, I am not a football fan, but it is good for the economy. The last time that happened I worked in a very small retail store that dealt with sporting goods and it was like Christmas every day to see what new Packer items arrived.

On Wednesday President Obama will be visiting our neighboring city, where I work. It is a big deal, whether you like him or not. It will be a huge expense for us....but .... We will be on the news!

I do have another grocery bag of items to donate to the local thrift bag a week is my self imposed rule, especially since I am not doing any BIG cleaning yet.

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