Friday, January 28, 2011

"Wasted days and wasted nights"

After do nothing evenings on Tuesday & Wednesday I figured that Thursday I'd 'play' with my new toys: Martha Stewart's scor pad and Your Story Photo. Woo Hoo
Thursday was my day off, in the morning I had a nice phone chat with step daughter, then I got some bargains at Walgreen's. One shower product was $4.99, it had a $1 coupon attached, and you got a $3 credit for your next purchase. :-) In essence it was then .99. After I paid for that I bought some other items (with coupons) and used my $3 credit....what a smart shopper. *wink. After lunch I took 2 of my grandsons to the library, I was hoping they'd play so I could read my 500 page book....but they didn't play for long. S gets 'bored' very easily. So we came home with a ton of books, their desires for checking out books are greater than the desire to read. oh well. I made an easy supper, hubby had to bowl, so I had the whole evening to fave!
Well...............SIL called me, she asked if I'd like to go shopping and help her buy makeup. I always enjoy spending others money :-) (is that one of my thrifty tips??? if not, it should be). Since you can't cradle the new phones between your ear & shoulder I Was channel surfing as we talked and came across some interesting make up on HSN. I referred her to that program and we hung up to watch. I don't know how many times we called each other during that hour program to discuss the make up. LOL We both decided to order the same product online. I got my order in and she didn't (her hubby has an account but won't tell her the password) so she called and was told it sold out. M was NOT a happy camper. I was fooling around on the site and then it came up as 'almost sold out' I just ordered it for her. I called her once again and told her that I ordered it for she is a happy camper. Five minutes later the phone rings again........I am thinking what does M want now? It is another friend who asks if could please pay her subscription for scrabble b/c she does not have a paypal account. I say sure...I just bought M some makeup and I might as well buy you some fun. LOL For $12 per year you can play email scrabble with as many people as your little heart desires. Easy games, hard games 2, 3, or 4 players. I enjoy it. In other words I was on the phone all night and did not do anything creative at all!!
This morning M and I went out for breakfast and to find some makeup. I love going out for breakfast and seldom get to. She picked up a couple of things at Menards and then we stopped at Younkers for a free make up consultation. When M wants make up she buys make up - the 'whole 9 yards', so she got the skin care products she needed . The make up gal was on break so we looked around at TONS of sale items.........I'm so proud, I bought nothing, nada, zilch. Nothing caught my eye.
Before we got home I suggested we stop at the thrift. I bought a set of new math flashcards...that was it!! Guess I am not in a shopping mood! Good for my wallet.
I keep forgetting that is not officially the weekend's only Friday. I LOVE my long weekends when I have fridays off.
P.S. Hubby is getting thrifty too! He went to test drive and Buick and will receive a $50 American Express card. He could not get on the correct site so I tried and couldn't find it either. I just kept trying and some how I found it! Are we getting good or what???? LOL


  1. Good deal. I was going to suggest Clinique for M, since they had a special deal and she has sensitive skin. I've been getting beautiful today.

  2. I love pixiepit.I am a scrabble addict.