Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine ideas for kids

I actually got this idea from my daughter, she's done it with her kids. Now that 2 of my grandsons come over here (once in a while) I can try it with them. This is what we started with: This is midway through the project. I will have to post the finished Valentine later. In case you are unsure, these are 'colorful crayons,' as grandson J says. I was thinking of buying the Crayola Crayon Maker for myself...but it was not on clearance (the Glow Dome is tho). Start with broken crayons first and Crayola brand works the best. If you have to remove the paper I suggest soaking in water for a bit. I could not find a small, heart shaped pan so we used a teeny, round, muffin pan. Before we got to this part I had quite a mess....spilled some melted crayon on the stove and pot holder. Fill the tins with bits of crayons, trying not to get too much that hangs over the cups....b/c it will be all over your muffin pan. To get that off just set pan upside down on some paper towels and leave in a warm oven (I had mine turned off) until it melts off and you can wipe clean with a paper towel. Back to actually making the crayons: put in a warm oven (275) for 10 minutes, cool, and pop out of pan.
We will cut out red hearts and attach the crayons and add a snazzy saying for the Valentines. I will post pictures after next weekend when we finish. I think I had more fun making the crayons than J did. LOL

Now for my blond activity of the day: I have had this laptop for over a year and when ever I wanted to post photos or upload I had to connect my camera to it....and I am too lazy to do that, or else I had to go in the basement and use the desktop. But, the other day, purely by accident, I discovered a slot in the front of my laptop for an SD card..........go figure. LOL Good news for me :-)

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