Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts

Brrr, it's windy and cold outside. I woke up this morning to the sounds of wind gusts and a snowblower. I thought we were in the midst of a blizzard, but it is yet to come - 3" to 5" predicted for today.

This weekend was full of ups & downs....Whatever happened to my nice, quite, boring life? I was successful at stopping the refrigerator leak. :-) Guess what? Hubby never noticed or said a thing about it, he was angry that I was trying to do something. I decided not to rub his nose in it either.....I have to live with him. *wink*

Saturday I went bumming with bff and we even stopped at Planet Fitness to work out, it was OK. I will never join though, b/c I KNOW I will not work out on a regular basis. Then we stopped at some one's house to drop off some chili I made. One of the people there made a rude comment toward me and this time I decided not to let it go and there was an incident. I was so upset with it that I posted a nasty comment on facebook (this person is not on facebook and I did not use a name). The next day I posted an apology to my facebook friends for my outburst. Ever done something like that? I do have to deal with this person so we need to resolve it. I wrote a letter stating how I feel and received no comment, not that I expected one. We don't really talk and I can not use humor at all either. I joke around a lot (with people I know and like).

Sunday I saw this person again and was cordial and asked if we could sit down sometime and discuss the problem. The reply I got was "I can't talk "...OK, so be it. My letter did not say you are a rotten person or I hate you, etc. It did state that I felt unappreciated and that I was rudely treated. I guess we will just tolerate each other. There is always drama surrounding this person.

Then I found out that my cousin passed away. No, I was not close to Judy, in fact I haven't talked to her for almost all of my adult life. I was just reconnecting with her.....but I still feel a loss. In her Christmas card to me she wrote a couple of sentences about my father. She is the only person (other than my mom) who remembers my dad. He (and my baby sister) passed away when I was not even 2, and I feel a vast emptiness b/c of it.

Now it is blowing and snowing wonder I am depressed. Guess I need to take my weekly trip to the thrift store. I have been taking a grocery bag of stuff there every week. It's not a lot but it's a start in de-cluttering. And since I don't buy much for the grand kids anymore I don't bring as much back home. :-)

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  1. ((hugs))I had no idea you felt that way about the loss.So sorry.