Thursday, August 1, 2013

Touring Church Camps

Yesterday I took a day of vacation to join a bus tour and check out some of the church camps in Wisconsin. The first one we stopped at is near my home town. As a child I never went to Imago Dei Village in central WI, but as an adult I want to take my grandkids and go!!!!
Here's The view as we walked down to the deck overlooking the water/beach area.
 The walk back up.
 Campers enjoying the activities.
 Singing praise before lunch. Camp songs are so much fun!
 Some of the banners inside the dining hall. It was taco tuesday. The food is always good and everyone helps to clean up.
 An outdoor chapel, I love worshiping outdoors. 
 This is the inside of one of the chalets. They contain a double bed (for use on family camp events), and 3 sets of bunk beds, kitchenette, and living room area. They are very nice, as you can see here.
 Chalets, they have upper and lower units.
 The back of the chalet, pretty, huh???
 Next we drove to Waypost camp, a little more north and west. Two years ago I went to a scrapbooking retreat at this camp in the fall. Here's the post. They are attempting to be self sustaining. They grow a lot of their own vegetables and compost as much as possible. They also grow herbs on top of a fish tank, I forgot what that is called.
 The campers work in the garden, many, many of the kids have not even seen a garden.
 Walking through the large wooded area.
 Colorful mushroom on a floor of gray.
 Are you tempted to walk out on this tree?
 I walk my grandkids to experience camp, all the kids were having so much fun while learning about Jesus.
 The weather forecast for the day was for scattered showers. As you can see it was sunny and perfect while we were at the first camp. We did run into some showers on the way to the 2nd camp. We had a snack (homemade coffee cake) after we arrived and by  the time we finished the rain was over and we were able to take a walking tour of the camp.

God provided us with a rainbow on the way home, in fact we had a double rainbow!!! My photo does not show the beauty of it at all, it's just a poor copy of it. The magenta stripe really shown on the bottom of this one. The 2nd rainbow was above it and very faint, but the odd thing (to me) was that the colors were reversed on that one. Is that how a double rainbow works???

It was a really nice day. Thank you to Mike and Mary of Sunset Tours and Crossways Camping Ministries. The bus was not full, and I was lucky enough to find a seat with extra legroom. woo hoo!!!! Many of the attendees were retired with a smattering of younger people and 3 teenage boys. Andrew, one of the young men, is very intelligent and is going to go places and make his mark. He certainly must make his mother very proud!

Today I will play catch up- running errands and getting some housework done. .....story of my life. 

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