Monday, August 5, 2013

Jonalee's Excellent Adventure

 My good friend asked if I wanted to go cherry picking in Door County. "Sure, I've never gone cherry picking", I said. Her daugher, Jonalee, is not working right now and wanted to go. Last night the weatherman was predicting cold and rainy weather......what to wear??? I did NOT want to get up this morning. We left at 8:30AM so we could meet Jonalee & Nathan at 9:30.

 The weather was actually perfect: no hot sun beating down on us, a slight breeze every now and then, and the light rain started just as we finished picking.
I had to take a break to pose for my 'photo shoot'.

My plan was to pick one pail for myself.....such was NOT Jonalee's plan. She is a lot like her mother. We picked 11 pails, it was buy 10 and get the 11th one free. I am not sure how many pails I picked because before I could get my 2nd pail full someone would come around and empty it into Jonalee's & Nathan's pail.  Hmmmm....

Kinda reminded me of my old drinking days......a person would say "This is my last beer, I'm leaving when it's gone". Someone would keep filling the glass up and it would take a long time before it was empty. It was just the opposite with my never got full a second time so I could quit.
In spite of working harder than I anticipated, cherry juice running down my arm, and sticky hands the time went fast and we had fun. We laughed and joked around, Jonalee is just as sassy as I am. Cherry pie is her favorite (and mine too) and she is making pie filling with her 9 pails of cherries. I told her I would gladly take a homemade pie for my efforts to help fill their pail.....I don't think it's going to happen though. Oh well, such is life. 

As we were packing the cherries into the coolers and trying to get some of the sticky off of our hands Jonalee comments "Wasn't this an excellent adventure?" I guess it was, it was something new. 
The adventure continues on our way be come back in a day or 2.

I was able to find my cherry pitter.....but for right now and until tomorrow night I'll be spitting the pits out. I am sooooooooo tired and have a basket of clothes waiting to be folded. After that it's bedtime for me!

Hope your week is off to a great start!!!

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