Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm So Tired That I Just Want To Stay Home One Day And Sleep

....but that is not going to happen. Today I went to the Clintonville Fireman's Festival parade. I had a birthday party for one of my grandson's in the afternoon and my sister wanted me to come up early to see her son march in the parade. So I did.

My grandson was here and we left about 9 so we could get there and find a spot by 11 AM. We did, it was nice and even getting quite warm as the sun tried to peek out. While we were sitting and waiting for the parade to start I see a man, with a big smile, walking toward us.....our cousin. He talked to us for a while, was nice to see Matt. 
The parade was in Clintonville, home of the FWD, famous (in it's day) for building fire trucks. Hence, there are lots of fire trucks in the parade....lots of old ones. 

 The kids had their bags and scurried for candy. They got LOTS of candy....and popcorn, a book, bottles of water, a can cozy, freeze pops, cheese curds, pens. I have never seen so much stuff given out in a parade......the population of Clintonville is only about 4,000. It was over an hour long, VERY nice parade!
 You have your old cars.
 Of course there are marching bands.
 My nephew, playing the brand new 'quints' (5 drums). My sister is very blessed that he is such a good kid. 
 The unexpected - by a beauty salon.
 And last, but not least, the horses.  After all, this is rural WI. 

As grandon J said, We did everything we had planned for today and stopped in a thrift store as a bonus. (more about that later) We stopped at my sister's to see her various fruit trees and see my mom's cat (my grandson wanted to visit him). Then we stopped at another grandson's birthday party (the 2nd one in a week-more about that later too) and lastly we visited my mom's grave. 
I have been so busy lately; either I am working for gone for the whole day. Oh, I'm enjoying all the activities....but I a tired....I want to sleep in and not HAVE a thing to do.....but that won't happen for a couple of weeks yet. Tomorrow I am off on another adventure!!!!!!

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  1. Repeat this three times: adventures are great!
    No, it doesn't make you less tired but it does remind you of the opportunities that are available. Sounds like it was am awesome day!