Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Wouldn't this be a great focal point for my garden? It probably won't happen, but I can dream!

Ever since I have made the decision to retire in the spring my mindset has changed drastically! When the alarm goes off in the early morning for work I know I won't be getting up forever and this will be my last summer to work. When I am at the thrift store I am not that interested in clothing, after all when I am retired I will wear more 'comfortable' clothing and it won't matter if I wear the same outfit 4 times during the week at home. Yesterday I went to Kohl's to use my $10 off anything over $10 certificate. I found the new bra I needed and then picked up some shirts for the men in my life. None of the women's clothes, jewelry, or purses caught my eye. Don't get me wrong - I am not going to stop shopping, I am just going to be more thoughtful. 

I believe I will actually clean, rip the wallpaper out of the bathroom and spare bedroom, and paint said rooms. Woo hoo! I want to work in my sparse flower gardens. I enjoy being a homemaker, does anyone use that term anymore??? I'll be able to have my friends over for coffee and conversation just for the heck of it. If I want to take the grandkids to an event I can, if I want to join one of my frends in a activity I'll be able to. I'll probably even cook for my hubby!?! If I want to take the day off to read I CAN.

Did ya get it??? I am REALLY looking forward to retiring.

Yesterday I took a day of vacation to take my grandson to the end of summer activity at the library, mom doesn't do that sort of stuff. Today I am taking both of my grandsons to play with their cousin in Oshkosh. We don't see much of Mackenzie and one of the boys didn't make it to her BD party earlier this month. I'd rather stay home and get the spare bedroom cleaned up for Ava's visit next week....but I promised and when I say I will do something I HATE to renege.

One more day of work and then it's a week of V A C A T I O N.

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  1. I love your outlook! I hope that your retirement is as good as your anticipation of it!
    It is nice to be able to schedule your long as you don't have too many of them!