Monday, August 26, 2013

Cleaning A Microfiber Chair

A while back I picked up a light colored microfiber glider, with an ottoman, for a reasonable price at the thrift store. My grandson loves it and sits in it often. The ottoman was getting stained... All my grandkids are gone I am trying to put the house back in order and that was one thing on my list. I remembered reading something about cleaning microfiber on facebook. So I did what I usually do - I googled it, and found directions HERE. I just sprayed the cushions with alcohol and scrubbed with a white towel. The ottoman looks great! One water spot on the seat cushion came out too. I am so pleased! No, I didn't pay a lot for the chair, but that's the whole point - to have something decent for a cheap price - not to be able to throw it out and buy new. I also used my new super duper wood glue to glue the loose dowel back in. I purchased the wood glue so I could put a dresser drawer  back together. I asked hubby to do it......but he didn't make the time and the whole drawer fell apart and he said "It's junk.". The dresser is not a piece of quality furniture, but it's what we have. On day I got some small nails/tacks and nailed and glued the drawer back together. (patting myself on the back) The dresser is in our spare bedroom and is nice to have. One day we won't need it or will get something different but I am glad I was able to save it. I am cheap frugal.

It's hot and sticky here but I am not complaining b/c before we know it we'll be in the throes of winter.


  1. Resourceful is the word! Good job!

  2. You are frugal! Glad the chair came out clean. It looks nice!