Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bargain Shopping

I haven't posted many of my thrifty finds lately so here are some of my latest items. I haven't stopped at many garage sales this summer....I don't need anything and am trying to clean things out....but I have found a few things I 'need'. 
I found this Creative Memories cutting set for $5! The blades came with it (and also some blades for a different paper cutter that I actually own.) The cutting mat was not included but I have one. 

 This brooch/pin was $1.95 and on clearance for 30% off. It may become part of another necklace.

This strainer was part of a bag of things that I paid $8 for. A friend has one and I've wanted one, but not that badly that I'd buy one. The handles pull out to fit over your sink.

 This jewelry bag was also in my $8 bag. It's of sturdy nylon construction and a hard bottom.
 ....and lots of pockets on the inside.

I found these 2 glass garden flowers (with stakes) for $10 each at a garage sale across from work. This one is for a friend (who doesn't read my blog). Her birthday was last month........and either she has  been gone or we have been too busy. I need to get it to her this month!!!

I'm keeping this one. I have a yellow one but will put this one in a different location.

I have also been picking up DVDs for my hubby who will be traveling again for work. I will only pay $2 because he's not sure if they'll come home with him. I picked up some pretty dessert plates....I want to have friends over for coffee/tea....if I can find the time. Today I'll look for something that I need to make a craft project with my granddaughter (for her mom's BD) bt I can't say what my plan is (in case my daughter reads this).

These are just a few of my latest finds..........I'm off today b/c this afternoon I am taking my grandsons to the end of summer party at the library.

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  1. I never seem to find a good bargain! These are great!