Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Flying Pig

Oh yes! There is such a thing as a flying pig, and she resides in a small down in Door County (Algoma) Wisconsin. After our cherry picking adventure we stopped at an antique (ie-expensive thrift store). We looked around a bunch of old, too expensive (for us) items and headed for home. 
Have you ever been to the Flying Pig, Carolee? "No? Ok, we should stop and look around a bit." It's right on our way & I haven't been there for years.

It was so much fun to look around with someone who's never been inside, or outside for that matter.
There all kinds of neat stuff to look at. I can not imagine how some people can be so creative and upcycle 'junk'. The bracelet below is made from watch faces. The green bracelet below it is made from old, colorful brooches. I love, love, love it!!!
We saw jewelry made from bicycle chains, bobbins, other old jewelry, etc.

How cute is this guy made with a ViewMaster....I have 2 of those but my sculpture would never look that good, even if I copied it exactly. 

There is a pretty garden area with lots of garden art.

Here's another 'what is it?' brown, star shaped seed pods.....

Metal and marble cattails by the pond.

The 'tree' in the foreground is silver, we couldn't see the price. There's a picture of my posing by it....but I was too tired to fool with all of the pics Carolee send me...sorry!

More garden the colorful fence...I don't think my neighbor will let me paint the brand new fence he put up. It is a pretty background for my garden though.

You can sit inside in this fun artful area to have a hot or cold drink.

Old record albums are not just for melting into dishes!!!

Even chairs can be art.

More sculptures from old metal objects. Old shoe horns make good ears....too bad I need mine to get my shoes on.
The view from upstairs. Many artists sell their wares here; beautiful items. Pottery, jewelry, soap, paintings, and so much more.

Don't know what to do with that old, unused musical instrument???
Turn it into art and try to sell it for big bucks.

 Just some of the art in the garden.

We were on a road trip, so of course I had to use the bathroom before we left. And we timed our visit right because just as we were about to leave a bus pulled in.

Yup, even the bathroom walls were filled with art.

I have lots more photos.. (thanks Carolee) but I was just too tired to download them now. 
Ya never know, more could show up at a later date.

These are just a few more of the garden.

There is even a sandy, play area for the children.

If you are ever in the area, stop in! You'll love just looking and oohing and ahhing over the great things imaginative people can make. We had a good time snapping photos and seeing the amazing art on display. I purchased an iced chai and Carolee got a cookie. 


  1. That flying Pig Store is amazing!

  2. Carolee sent me the link to your blog, just to tell you how I found you.

    I really enjoyed reading about your cherry picking adventure (note to self: don't go cherry picking with Jonalee if I want to walk away with any cherries...LOL) and reading about your stop at the Flying Pig. I've been to the Flying Pig many times and it's always interesting. (and I agree, always expensive) But now I want to find a View Master and try and make a cute robot like the one you showed us! Oh, and that green bracelet made from brooches, I loved it, too.

    It sounds like you all had a great day, but you'll have to go back and do it all again...just so you can order a big slice of cherry pie to go with your tea.

  3. Maybe we should get a bus! Wouldn't that make a fun group trip! A bus drove in just as we were leaving. Our lucky day! I felt badly for them....the place was closing in 45 minutes!

  4. I wish Wisconsin's Flying Pig wasn't on the other side of the country - it is a place I would love to roam and enjoy! Thanks for commenting about the LNS Treasure Hunt on my blog - I am excited about connecting with new people by participating!