Monday, October 10, 2011

Scrapbook Retreat at Waypost

What a great weekend to spend at camp - sunny skies and nearly 80 degrees outside!!! The camp is roughly a 2 hour drive northwest (everything is west) of us. As per our plan, bff and I left at 10AM. We stopped at our favorite restaurant in Wittenberg for the seafood buffet (lunch) and, of course, stuck all of our quarters in the 'quarter push' machine....loosing as we always do.

Being creatures of habit we had to drive to Antigo and do some shopping at J&P Liquidators, where we picked up a few goodies. On the way there we pass a casino (and NO bff did not want to stop) and there was only one lane open in front of their driveway. So we waited and waited and waited for our turn to go...on the way to Antigo and back again. The store should have only been about 40 minutes out of our way....

I've never been to Waypost and didn't quite understand their map so I used my was OK, got us there, but I'm not sure it was the easiest way. I had forgotten that supper that night was on our own so we went to find a place to eat. One of the gals gave us directions....but we still weren't sure was Onstar again.The place we wanted to eat at was packed, so we ate at Subway (next door) which was fine with me because I wasn't very hungry. The camp is located in a very rural part of the state, that's one of the reasons it's so peaceful and beautiful! We saw several deer cross the road in front of us, fortunately they were well ahead of us and we saw them in plenty of time.

Each scrapbooker had a table to herself and the Creative Memories consultant had a table set up with supplies we could use. I had to try some of her things that I don't have...neat stuff. Everything was done in the same building....eating, sleeping, need to leave the building or even get dressed if you didn't want to. I am not one to not shower, stay in pjs, or go with a unmade up face for the day. My hair and face didn't get a whole lot of attention though. The weather was GORGEOUS for the 3 days were were there. One day we took a walk in the woods, sooooooo pretty with all the trees and fallen leaves. I did get quite a bit of my photos scrapped (I'll post some pages in a future post). I packed only one bag of supplies so will add some embellishments and my journaling. Some of the women had BAGS, and CARTS full of stuff - bff and I packed very light. Paper crafters are the friendliest group: always willing to share ideas or supplies, and show their work. Sunday I was so busy working on my DC scrapbook that I forgot to spend some time in the sun, we left at 2......I wanted to stay longer........It was a beautiful drive.

I could just stare at this sunset all evening but it goes too fast.

I sat outside by the lake with my book for a while.

Walk through the woods.

Outdoor chapel.

Vine that covers the back of the retreat center.

Fishing on the lake at sunset.

On the way home we stopped at Goodwill in Shawano, another one of our habits. About twice a year we go to a retreat or stamping convention 'up north' and usually stop at the 3 places I mentioned above. El Serape in Green Bay was our stop for dinner. Good food, but I wasn't that hungry so I have lunch already made in my refrigerator.

Now it's back to the 'real world'. Temps here will only be in the 60's and then cooler every day.

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