Monday, October 3, 2011

Flight 93 Memorail & the Holocaust Museum

On the way home from DC we changed plans and stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial. It's not complete but I am glad we stopped and were able to see where the plane went down. It's a very rural & especially beautiful area in the autumn when the trees are starting to turn color. In the beginning are posters showing how it 'went down' and one of all the people on broad the plane. You walk down the long path, there are several areas along the way where people can leave something in memory of the heroes. Back toward the treed area is a large rock that designates where the main part of the fuselage was found.

On the wall each of the planes passengers names are engraved.

I choose to go to the Holocaust Museum instead of the Smithsonian, it was a last minute decision and I am not sure it was the right one. I've read several books about this era so I am aware of it. It was very sad and by the end of our time there I was ready to throw up.

On both sides of the walk way were huge piles of leather shoes that would not burn.

The photo below explains that this is a casting of Jewish grave stones.

We had 20 minutes to kill before we had to get to the bus and I wanted to see the children's tile wall. We all agreed it was the way to end the visit to such horrific displays.

The long wall of children's artwork expressed their feelings about the Holocaust. It was a good way to end our visit, it lifted our spirits to see the artwork. One tile caught my eye and seemed to sum it up. It was striped and just said "WHY?". Hitler was a terrible man and it's sad (not nearly a powerful enough word) how he came to brainwash so many into believing that the world needed to be cleansed of Jews. We walked past several walls of photos from the survivors and they could have been old photos of my relative (and yours)...they were just people like you and me!

We left the museum at the right door and from there it went downhill fast. We walked and walked....we had a couple of blocks to walk and not every one's body can take all that walking. I didn't pay attention to where we had to go because I did not have the map and I thought 'Bernice' knew where we were going. I finally pulled out a map that I had and found where we were....not at all where we needed to we backtracked and figured out where we made the wrong turn. As we were walking one of the gals called Connie to see where we were. By that time we knew exactly where were suppose to be. Once again I was last on the bus.....not totally my fault though. We had to laugh about it and we DID get our exercise that day!

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  1. My mom said that museum left a lasting impression in her mind. She told me about the shoes & said that was an image she would never forget.