Monday, October 24, 2011

Let The Party Begin

Wanna come? Mummy time! Silly or Scary! Fill me up! Once upon a time....! Who stole my nose? These are the party games we played at the costume party at our house yesterday. Ever played them? Not bad if you realize I came up with the games only 2 days ahead of the on and I'll explain a bit. I tried to think of mysterious names because the boys are too smart for plain ol' simple games.
We had our 3 year old granddaughter for the weekend and 6 year old Jalen usually stays on Saturday nights so he can attend church and Sunday school.
For silly or Scary? I cut out pumpkins and eyes, noses, and mouths for the kids to glue on for their Jack O' Lanterns...and most were forgotten here.

Who stole my nose? is pin the nose on the Jack O' Lantern. Skylar suggested using his Packer helmet for the worked so good that he tried taping the nose onto his aunt Jessica.

The princess playing "Fill me up"....the golfing game.

Mummy time - the kids unrolled the crepe paper to reveal prizes or notes redeemable for a prize (from the bag in the background). They were careful because if you ripped the paper off you lost your turn.

Here's my crazy crew! Even the little one got into the photo.......a big surprise to all of us.

If you wonder why I post so many things about my grand kids.....there are a number of reasons. The older boys in the above photos are the only ones whom I see on a regular basis, my other grands live farther away and I can't be a part of their every day lives so maybe I over compensate with this family. The kids love me and it feels good to be loved. Hubby does his own thing (alone cataloging his sports cards) and we really don't spend quality time together. The kids make me laugh and keep me feeling young. I have a few good memories of my grandmas and I want to make memories with my grandchildren. I attend my other grand kids activities as much as my work schedule allows and they visit as their schedule is so busy.

Now to pack up 'trick or treat' bags to mail to the other grands..........

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