Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do You Feel Touch in Your Dreams?

Most of the time my dreams are so weird, like this morning I remembered watching some sort of aircraft (6) (not only planes) practising for an air show and then crashing into each other and one landing in the water. I was in a huge bathroom across the road from the accident.....they pulled the guy out and he was OK....where did that come from? I also watched a couple of convoys with 3 and 5 olive green trailers drive past. But sometimes I feel someone touching me, do you? Most recently I felt hubby sit on the edge of the bed and put his socks on and then he kissed me good bye (before work), when I asked him about it he said "No", he didn't come in that morning. Once when I was staying at a friends home I felt him sleeping with me.........he was over a hundred miles away and no one else came in either. I have often felt him sleeping and holding me when he wasn't and it seems so real. Guess it's just wishful thinking.
What are your experiences? Dreams fascinate me.

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