Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scrapbook Pages from the Retreat

Here are a couple of the pages I finished over the weekend. One thing I learned was that I could cut out part of a page (as I did with the flag on this page). One other woman was working on a Washington DC page and she had the same paper and cut out the flag ...so I copied it.

This is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. My pages are pretty simple.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial pages.

Sorry for the glare, I did not remove the pages from their plastic sleeves.

Some things I learned from this retreat:

  • if it's warm don't bring a heavy sleeping bag

  • bring a fitted sheet for my bed

  • if I forget my facial cleanser and moisturizer and have to use liquid soap and hand lotion my face will survive (barely)

  • bring bottled water

  • don't pack in a hurry and at the last minute, lest I forget the above items

  • read the packing/travel directions once more before I leave

  • bring more adhesive than I think I'm going to need

It was a fun, small, retreat with 4 in a room. Previously I've only shared with the person I've signed up with but it worked out fine. As the 2nd person to retire I didn't wake up when anyone else came to bed or got up. There were not a lot of showers but that didn't cause any problems either because everyone took their showers at different times....or maybe not at all? Scrapbookers are VERY focused on their work (the day goes by really fast when you're scrapping) and willing to share. One gal gave us bottled water, another sold me some adhesive, paper scraps were shared, I gave someone a travel brochure, bff gave a photo to the other gal who was doing a DC album. BTW the food was plentiful and excellent...we ate the last veggies from their garden. Of course, I want to go again.

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  1. It is interesting to compare all the DC scrapbooks to see our different perspectives.