Monday, October 31, 2011

I Know This is Silly, But.....

....why are my feelings hurt when someone unsubscribes from my blog? My immediate thought is: "What did I do?" When, in reality, we don't even know each other and she is probably cleaning up her online subscriptions or trying to simplify her life and my blog just isn't her cup of tea anymore. Why do I take it so personally??? I don't know, that's just me.
You may think I only post fluff and don't have a brain in my head.... but I don't think that's true....I am very thoughtful. I try to keep my blog upbeat and somewhat informative, while letting far away friends know what's going on here. I have always had a tendency to want others to LAUGH AT me rather than make fun of me. I am sensitive and my feelings do get hurt, and when something like this happens I always feel that it is my fault. And I do cry sometimes (not over this).
When I am wronged I am more likely to get mad (I know I should say angry but in 'real life' I say mad) whereas some people cry. I realized that it's a tad more easy for me to handle the anger (I usually ignore it) than the crying (of someone else reacting to a situation). One grandson fell and hurt himself and when his brother came into the room he yelled at him to get out (several times) so the other boy went into a different room and started crying...."he hurt my feelings". I was telling the first boy that he shouldn't be talking to his brother that way (but it didn't do any good) and I tried to talk to the other one (to change the subject). I really just wanted to say "For Pete's sake, just ignore him and quit crying, he'll get over it." Maybe it just boils down to some of us are overly sensitive and some easily angered. I talked about it to my grandson (the angry one) and he said 'crying is better'....I think it is just more acceptable.


  1. Truth be known...I think anyone is bothered when they lose a subscriber...women are just wired that way. But, do not focus on it...find something special about this day and place your focus there..then go out and enjoy it. Do not let another person rob you of your joy!!

  2. Please go to my blog and read "The Bracelets are Not the Point" if you have a moment. I have been bothered enough to be alternately crying and angry over this incident.

    I too get upset when someone unfriends me.

  3. Crying is NOt more acceptable than anger, not when you are older.