Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Last DC Post

I have tons more photos of DC but will conclude my 'photo journal/blog' with this post. (aren't you glad?)

The people on the red bus (my bus) were very fortunate that we received a guided tour the Capitol building (the other bus did not). It's a beautiful building inside and is the oldest federal building in Washington DC. The ceiling in the Rotunda is breathtaking.

In the center of the floor is where former presidents or other very prominent citizens lie in state upon their death. In order to gain that privilege it must be authorized by a congressional resolution or approved by the congressional leadership.

We originally saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in the evening and it's not well lit so you could not see the names. Our driver agreed to take us back the next day so those who had names to look up could do so. I did not have a name to look up but it was still an awesome sight. I didn't know that there was someone on site who would look up the name and tell you exactly where to find it.

While I was listening to a radio program the other day I heard the comment that the average person takes 150 photos a year..........well, guess what? I am not average at all! I took 373 photos on my DC trip alone, granted many were blurry (very difficult to get a good photo while on a moving bus), but I still have lots of good ones. I won't use all in my scrapbook but I like to have options. Would that be why I over pack and buy lots of whatever I am interested in at the time? ...because I like to have options???? Methinks that's a definite probability. I try to take my camera almost everywhere I do. Yes, many photos are taken of grandchildren, but I also take photos at Red Hat activities, scenery, family get togethers, etc.

Speaking of scrapbooking..........Friday morning bff and I are heading to a retreat in northern WI. Not only is it a religious retreat but scrapbooking as well, the best of both worlds!!! The weather is suppose to be in the 70's,sunny, and dry, and the trees are turning so I am expecting a beautiful drive.

Thanks to all who have commented on my DC trip and I am sorry that I haven't been commenting on your posts. I have been on the go since I returned home and am still so very tired, I just can't catch up on my sleep. I have a lot do to before I leave on Friday. The other reason I'm not commenting is that on some blogs I can easily and on others I am not signed in....GRRRR


  1. Enjoy your drive Friday morning. The weather has been gorgeous!

  2. I used to give tours of the capitol to tours when I interned on the Hill! I'm so glad you had a great time in DC-isn't it breath taking?