Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ARRRGH/Pirates Party Down

Last night was our annual Red Hat Halloween costume party. This year we dressed as pirates....last year I wasn't so sure I wanted everyone to dress alike.....this year I am thinking it's a good idea. Notice that one of our gals appears to be a traitor because I am about the slit her throat and Janice has her sword ready to use if Claire makes the wrong move.

Over half of our group was there. We really had a good time!

Here I am, about to be stabbed with my own sword....fortunately a pirate pal lent me her pistol!

I'm not sure what the nun said to our gal......but apparently Pirate Bonnie didn't like the sound of it.

Another group dressed as nuns at the end and entertained us. One of the 'nun's belongs to our (Lutheran) church, so being the wicked pirates we are, we will keep this photo of for blackmail in the future.

I asked hubby to take a photo of me before I left (it didn't turn out) and he told me I looked ridiculous. That guy doesn't have any sense of fun! If a person is having fun and not hurting anyone else or breaking the law who cares how you look???? Any thoughts?

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  1. Jim thinks I was nuts too, but who cares? Pirates have more fun! Just because we are getting older, doesn't mean we have to quit having fun. You should have told him "no worse than Superman!"