Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Good Day for Shopping

I wasn't planning on shopping but I needed ink for my photo $43.99 for just the color ink I try to be frugal with it. I finally broke down and bought a cartridge at Office Max. It may have been less expensive at WalMart but I had a $10 off coupon for Office Max (not a lot of choices here) so off I went. HP had a special promotion advertising a free ream of paper with ink purchase so I got free printer paper ($5 value) and $10 off (with $50 purchase) so I found some clearance items (scrap booking paper and a cute little notepad for one of my granddaughters) to get my cost up to $50. I also saw some nice, and inexpensive, 8 X 8 scrapbooks on I need one? At least my big expenditure was sweetened a bit.

On the way home my car was beeping at me because I was nearly out of gas so I stopped at Kwik Trip to fill up. Hubby would not be home for dinner so I planned on eating some leftover soup therefore I went inside and bought some cheese-filled bread sticks (not the most healthy) with my coupon for .99, and also got some free bananas with another coupon and then headed home.

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