Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun In The Fall

Two of our grandsons stayed overnight on Saturday.After we got home from Sunday school the boys wanted to play outside and make chalk paint, it's the invention of one of my granddaughters. The driveway has some decorative painting on it.....hey, so what? I let the boys use the brandnew sidewalk chalk that I got on clearance and my household graters..........I wanted them to be outside and they were!!!!Our 2 youngest grandchildren play with my Nookcolor (I must really love them) while dad (to the baby) supervises.

The day was windy and partly cloudy but the boys were outside almost all afternoon. We walked a couple of blocks to the gas station so J could buy candy. That kid is just like his dad....has to spend every cent he has.

Grandson J was playing with bubbles.....but the bubble gun just turned into a gun sometimes.