Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thrift Stores Finds

It's been a while since I've posted thrift store finds so I'll share some today.
I've been able to pick up some pretty neat stuff lately.
This caveman wig, beard, costume (sans bat). It's in excellent condition and could be worn by me or one of the grand-kids.  I paid $1.25.

Guess I need to find a necklace made of teeth and or bones. Of course I'll have pants on FER SURE!!!
When I dumped out the bag to look at the costume a small, fold up multi-tool fell out. I like gadgets and gizmos so I'll keep it and it may go in a travel kit. 

I brought home a pair of navy Lee Casuals pants for me, great condition and perfect for work-my cost $1.25.

This Cute, little sock ornament is so cute and a perfect place to hide a small gift for one of the grands- I paid 10 cents.

I found an Easter egg decorating kit for a quarter. I could use it for decorating eggs or some experiment with my grandsons. That's MUCH cheaper than food coloring!

Grandson J was so happy when he saw the 2 Spy Kids books I picked up for him! His new favorite movie is Spy Kids and I encourage reading so it's a match made in heaven. Yes, he did read. Any kind of paperback books are extremely reasonable. It even kills me to buy a new book for a gift....so I give gift certificates instead. 

The price tag on this hat from Kohl's reads $42, but I paid $1. 

Yes, I'm addicted...but I get such good buys!

This unopened Signature Club A colloidal gold compact was $2. It sells for $25 on HSN. 

It's OK, I'm glad I only paid $2 for it....not worth the retail price in my opinion. 

I also bought my fast growing grandson a pair of jeans for $2, a much better price than what the retail stores charge.

I am sure there's a lot more but those the things I could think of at this time. I'm also proud of the items that I passed up. I saw an adorable Christmas cookie jar and a soft Santa...but I passed up all Christmas decorations!!!!

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  1. You alway find such great deals! If you ever find an extra Red Hat, Marcie needs one and hasn't had time to thrift.