Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Yay!!! I'm off for the remainder of the week :-)  Who doesn't love a 5 day weekend??? It's 'warmish' here (100% chance of rain tonight) so today will be a good day to take down the outdoor Christmas lights. Our tree is down but I still have other decorations to pack up.

  • I have to confess - I love magazines, but almost NEVER buy them brand new, I prefer to pay a quarter for one at the thrift store. If they're are a couple of months old that's fine with me. I don't read all of the articles, but I love to look at the pictures. 
  • My eyebrow pencil has been missing since my trip to New Orleans in Nov. Maybe I need to do some cleaning out of my make up and it will show up???
  • A women's Bible study is starting in my church....but why would I almost rather do a study with strangers than the women in my church? Do I still want to keep that wall around myself? ....the people that know you can (and will) hurt you.....
  • OK, I may be a bit behind in some things......i.e. I am thinking of taking an Excel computer class. I don't have it at home but we do at work and that is one thing I do not understand at all. I don't think I really NEED it......but I want it (lots of wants in my life).....I love learning and taking classes.....I'll be able to take advantage of the senior rate (even thought it's only a $26 class).
Guess I am not thinking about much today. I apologize, I need to start reading my favorite blogs again.

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