Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

It may be a new year, but it's still the same ol' me. :-)

Christmas may be over, but my tree is still up. If I'm early and it's still dark or if it's a cloudy day I love to turn the lights on! I am not able to get it put up very early so I don't mind having it up yet, I'll probably take it down this weekend or on Monday.

Mom always said "where there's a will there's a way". I try to follow her example. The other day I was baking pumpkin rolls for my SIL (I love Mark and he loves pumpkin roll). The 3 eggs needed to be beaten until they are 'light and fluffy', well, I'm always multi-tasking so I figured how I could do that and get all my other ingredients together: I tipped the bowl and propped it up with the handle, I rested the mixer against the bowl and set it on a towel. Worked great!!!

I am so thankful that I learned to think outside of the box and for myself (from my mother).

What was up with my last post? I had over 100 page views......that is EXTREMELY unusual for me....but no comments (on my blog site). Most of the traffic is from a marketing site.....hmmmm

More onions & orchids

  • orchids to me for downloading all of my photos from 2 cameras and my phone (now to do something with them)
  • orchids to me for finally balancing my checkbook and finding a $20 mistake - in my favor :-)
  • onions to the person who changed my 7 year old grandson's meds (he is now much more disagreeable) and told him that he is bi-polar. HE IS NOT! I think anger management counseling would do the whole family good.
And that brings me to my next thought: This is my 2nd marriage so that means I have 2 different sets of grandkids..... MY HEART DOES NOT DIFFERENTIATE THAT!!!! But as I was driving home the other day I realized that each set of children is very different. The grands from my first marriage are more easy going and quieter. The grands on hubby's side are more 'demanding', selfish, louder, and stubborn (that doesn't make me love them any less tho). I think part of it is the parenting and part is hereditary. On hubby's side is found: tourette's syndrome, defiance disorder, and autism. I definitely see those characteristics in hubby, his twin, and their offspring. Some of the parents know that and are trying to be educated so they can deal with it. Onions to those who are not!

  • onions to my nasty cold that keeps hanging on!

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