Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Do you have an ereader? Here's another place to get free and cheap books, no matter what format/seller you use: BookBub. First you choose the genre of books you're interested in and then the format, it's that easy. I get an email every day with 2 or 3 choices. Free is good! Right?

My week started off interestingly.....Our grandson stays overnight on Saturday nights. Sunday at 9:30 AM his mom calls and says she'll pick him up about noon. OK.  It's after 12 when she calls and says he can stay for another hour. OK. Several hours and 2 phone calls later he's picked up by her dad and at 7 PM he's on his way home. I didn't mind, but I had plans to work on straightening up my crafting area in the basement. We found plenty to do and talk about. Unless I have other plans he's welcome to stay!

Monday I had a 'coffee' date with a friend. We have LONG meetings where we share all kinds of stuff about our lives. After I ordered my Chai I called her and, sure enough, she forgot. I just read the paper and finished my drink and then went on with the rest of the day's errands. It was cold, only 1 degree above zero, but I had to go to the grocery store anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

Of course, as long as I was out and about, I stopped at the thrift store. While I was there a man came up to me and told me he liked the color of my hair. I colored it last Sunday and it's bright! In fact, that is what 2 of my friends told me when they saw me last week. It's hard for me to find the right red or strawberry blond color. I've decided that it's just an accessory and I can change it when and how I want to!

Tuesday morning when I was getting ready for work I got the crap scared out of me. Kevin leaves for work about 4:30AM so it's pretty quiet when I get up. Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and I scream, what else would you do??? It was hubby, on the coldest day we've had this winter, the battery in his truck was dead and he needed to use my car to get a new one. When I left he was outside (there's no room in the garage for his truck) working on it. ....and he DOES NOT work outside or do auto repairs......but he had to do it.... It was -7 when I left for work. He said he finally made it in to work at 9.

That's it for this Thursday! I'm on my way to have lunch with the friend who stood me up on monday (smile).  Have a great weekend!

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