Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Isn't this a beautiful cactus? It's huge and lives in the sun room of my mom's building. Does anyone know what it is?
 Well.....I really love it....and....I just happened to break off 2 'leaves' and brought them home and planted them. Is that wrong? My friend says as long as I did it so I could bring it home and love it, it would be OK. No harm was done to the original plant so I prefer to think she's right. 

Last weekend hubby had a loaner car while his truck was in the shop, it was a 2013 Equinox, with 117 miles on it. Grandson J and I took it to Sunday school and breakfast later and decided that it was a cool vehicle. I loved the screen that showed what was behind the car when you were backing up. That would come in handy when parking, especially with my car-I really have a hard time knowing when to stop. I also liked the compass feature. I don't know my directions unless the sun is setting or rising. IF I ever get another car I am definitely looking for those features.

Ever just meet someone and decide: 'Hey, I could really like that person'.....and then after a while of friendship you figure out that you don't care for that person as much as you thought? or vice versa? Met someone that you didn't care for and then become good friends with them as you got to know them? Yup, happens to me too.

That's just what I've been thinkin' about today. Lookin' forward to the weekend!


  1. It almost looks like a "Christmas cactus". Blooms in December.

    Cactus are easy to root, just put it in dirt!!

    Yup! I have met someone,didnt like them at first and later became good friends.

  2. I am not sure what it is, but it is beautiful!