Monday, January 14, 2013

It's National Clean Off Your Desk Day

As a 'piler' (one who save things in piles) I need a month, not just a day, to clean off my desk. I've gotten pretty adept at stacking things (to save space); and believe it, or not, I usually know where to find what I am looking for. If you saw my desk in our basement you'd understand why the kitchen table is now my 'desk'; which also contains piles of stuff on occasion. Well, my laptop sits on the table too..... SMILE! I love my laptop!

You should see my desk at work on Tuesday morning-my first day back to work after the weekend. My job is to enter the work slips for the invoices for accounts receivable and as I alphabetize and sort them into various piles for the attention needed I usually have about 6-8 piles of papers. Sometimes it's like that when I leave for lunch and I tease the owners not to mess up my mess while I am gone. That desk gets cleaned up every day when I leave....but the one in our basement.....out of site, out of mind? Not really, I do get it cleaned off periodically....but not today.  Today I'll do laundry, straighten up the upstairs, and then I'm off the the Stamp-a-long to make some cards and find out what my friend learned while she was attending a Stampin' Up leadership convention in Fl.

Did you clean off your desk today? I know I should, it's on my LONG to-do list...but not for today!

Happy Monday!!!!

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