Sunday, January 27, 2013

Working On My Scrapbook

 Bring a pillow
                                 hUrry up
                                    Stand in line

No, this is nothing earth shattering or probably even worth posting, but I like this set up that I did for my first bus trip scrapbook. I am going on another weekend retreat in February and I'm trying to finish up Washington DC so I can start anew on another project. 

Our grandson went home early today so I had some time to work on it. I finished 2 pages (not worthy of posting) but I WANT TO  FINNISH IT! As I'm working on  my first 'big' travel scrapbook I am learning how I want to do things and accepting the fact that none of my pages are magazine worthy but they're mine and are perfect for me. 

Have a great week everyone. It's about time I walk upstairs to make some dinner for us and check out how 
much new snow we've received this afternoon.

much new snow we've received so far this afternoon. 

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