Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I am not ignorant! Sometimes I may be a bit 'blonde' and do dumb things though.......
The other day at work I took a call from a woman from out of state asking for the receiving department. I work for a small, family owned business that has 10 employees and 2 of us are part time office. We don't have a receiving department and I stated that we don't have anyone who specifically does that, one of the 2 owners takes care of it for the most part. She then asked for a name and I told her if she called back again I'd be sure to get the call to the correct person. Once again she asked for a name.....I refused..... Next she asks me why I have to be so ignorant and refuse to give her a name, so I hung up on her. I can usually tell whose call I need to put through and this woman was definitely phishing for more info, she clearly didn't know anything about us. One of my bosses has a name that could be either a man or woman. It's so funny (to me) when the person on the other end of the phones asks me when she will be back, they certainly don't know/haven't dealt with him. I never correct them, I just chuckle to myself. Since I am usually the first impression the caller gets of our company I try to be very pleasant on the phone but I do not give out more information than is necessary and what my bosses want. That's what's on my mind today! What would you have done?
I don't care for eggs Benedict, the yolks are runny......ewwww
When I attended the brown bag seminar over lunch at the library last week I was given a packet of seeds (peas) and a $10 gift certificate. That was a pleasant surprise :-)


  1. I think I would've asked for her name and number and said I would have someone call her back. If that wasn't satisfactory, I'd know there was something strange going on. I think you did the right thing at the time. You never know nowdays about how people will try to scam you.

  2. Sounds like you are good at fielding the calls. I know after I remarried every time I would receive a call asking for me by my former name...that it was not someone I needed to speak to.

  3. I think they where phishing for a name and you did the right thing. If you would have asked for a name and number she most likely would have hung up on you.
    Your cards are beautiful...I really need to create my quote scrapbook. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. It was very rude of her to call you ignorant. Hanging up is proper since there is no need to speak like that. I have had some rude people this week too....what fun!