Friday, April 20, 2012

Who Said It Wasn't A Great Week?

It certainly wasn't me! It has been a great week for a number of no particular order:
***I have new (tags on) jeans from Goodwill that are the right length and don't have such a low rise and fit good. I don't want 'mom' jeans but do like something that is not 6" below my belly button. Not Comfortable!
***I filled my car with gas and it didn't cost me a thing. First I had a .87/per gallon discount from grocery store points and a $50 gift card from my credit card points. I had enough points that I could have chosen a $25 credit to my account or $25 check OR.....a $50 gift card from various places. Why would anyone take the $25 credit????
*** Book club was fun, I didn't finish the book but attended anyway. I had a hankering for Nachos and was able to share an order with a friend. One of the gals got an inspiration to buy us a shot that was mentioned in the book. We read The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer. The liquor was either black or white and we each had a taste of both. I can't remember the name but it was kinda licorice tasting. I don't plan on buying a bottle, but it was fun.
***I'm enjoying a 5 day weekend. One of the reasons I won't retire next year.
***I had lunch at school with my grandsons for 'Book Munchers'. After lunch we went to the library where they read to me. The older one is a great reader, when he left he gave me a kiss. J didn't want to read at first but he did, I barely got a hug from him when he went to his classroom.
***The mailman brought me a post card to take to the Clinique counter at a local store to redeem for a free full size lipstick.
***My boss gave me free tickets to see BJ Thomas. I'm not that excited about him, but it's a live performance, it's free, and in a beautiful venue. So far no one wants to go with me............

And the week isn't even over yet!!! Hope your week went just as well as mine is going.


  1. Whoa, you've had a lot of freebies this week. I am in total agreement about low rise jeans--they just feel unnatural to me.

  2. When I went thrifting Sunday I tried on about 20 pairs of pants and I swear every one of them ended up being those low rise things I hate. I got some booty and I just can't handle my britches riding down my butt and constantly having to tug them up or not be able to squat.
    I'll go with you to BJ Thomas! :) Elvis sang a song of his and I love I'd see BJ. Does that make sense. haha