Friday, April 20, 2012

I know I Eat Too Much

 ....and I am not going in to all of the reason here. As a kid I was skinny and a fussy eater, but the older I got the more willing I was to try new foods....and the more foods I tried, the more I liked. If I like it, I eat it, and eat a lot of it. That wasn't always a problem....but it is now. I do the grocery shopping and cooking, so I purchase and cook what I like. Eating too fast is another of my problems. Seems like I am always in a the time my body registers the fact that I've had enough to eat I've stuffed my mouth with twice as much as I need. 
I am back up to my heaviest weight, not something to brag about......As I caught sight of myself in the mirror I said to myself: I should just do what Sue did (loose weight with Weight Watchers). I was talking to her at book club and asked her about it and she recommended a couple of websites:
Hungry Girl 
Skinny Taste

                                        Pork Chops with Dijon Herb Sauce from Skinny Taste.

I got an email from Hungry Girl today suggesting some good choices from the fast food drive through.
So I know I need to: get some sort of exercise, drink more water (does ice tea count?), eat smaller portions, stop eating in front of the computer (maybe I need to stop using my laptop on the kitchen table?), eat slower, find something to keep me busy and away from food. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Those are all things I learned at Weight Watchers too. Stop eating in front of the TV, computer,etc. Eat smaller portions, drink more water. We should have 64oz a day! Eight glasses. I don't know if Ice Tea counts. Cut down on the snacks like cake and cookies. That is the hard part!!!

  2. Oooh, we share similar problems in this area. I need to do all those things you mentioned. But I don't. Too large of portions (because it's sooooo good) and our night time snack are biggees for me.