Monday, April 9, 2012

MAXX bag and ??? Shoes - Help me!!!

***I'm not quite as skinny as this 'model' is.***

Last week I had some time to kill after work and before my Red Hat meeting so a friend and I went to Goodwill. I think we were in and out in 3/4 hour or less. I have never thrifted so quickly...but I did have time to find this MAXX black leather purse. It's the perfect size, has a large zipper pocket on each side, several inside pockets, and feet on the bottom. It was $7.99 (minus the senior discount) and I did find one for sale on Ebay. I know it wasn't an earth shattering find, but it was a good deal, I like it, and it's in great condition. It's probably a good thing that we weren't able to stay longer!!!

I need help identifying these shoes, I could not find any brand name on them at all. The sizing is European and they have a 'Double Face' removable insole/foot bed. (I didn't know about that until after I got them home and was trying to determine a brand name.) They're leather, like new, and quite comfortable on my wide foot.
They can be worn with the 'massaging' insole out or with the more traditional insole touching your foot.

Does any one have any idea of who makes these shoes that I paid $3.99 for at Goodwill on senior day?


  1. Can't help with the shoe, though the purse looks to be a fantastic find. I like my bags roomy, but organized inside.

  2. I am pretty good with shoes, but that brand is a mystery to me. They remind me of Think!, Finn Comfort, or Naot, but aren't any of those. They look like my kind of shoe!

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