Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Birthday Celebrations

April starts the birthday season at our house. We went to Pizza Ranch Sunday night for grandson J's birthday dinner. The waitresses rang the cowbell, brought him 'cactus bread' with a candle, a bowl of ice cream, tattoo and sticker, and a coupon for a free buffet. We all sang Happy Birthday. It was a really nice family celebration.
The same grandson had a birthday lunch with his Godparents at McDonald's. Aunt Debbie's birthday was a couple of days earlier so she had some gifts to open also.

The birthday boy and I.

Grandson J stayed overnight on saturday. I had to pick up something for dinner so we stopped at the grocery store.......Now I know why I shop alone. He picked out some chips, Trix swirlers yogurt, Ritz grippers snacks, strawberries, and this chocolate Easter bunny (on clearance).
Three of the bunnies in our 'bunny family' are not chocolate, can you spot the imposter?

A rare smile for the camera from our youngest grandson (who will be sporting glasses soon).
On Sunday we are hosting a birthday party for grandson J. ......or I will be hosting the party. Hubby has to work all weekend. He has such a weird schedule at work. Thank goodness we don't have any young kids or much of a life because his schedule changes constantly. Therefore my plans for the week have changed to baking birthday cupcakes, planning a few games, putting up some birthday decorations, and praying for sunshine (so the kids can be outside) and patience.

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  1. It looks like a great deal of fun was had. I can commiserate about trying to grocery shop with the grandkids--it is never vegetables!